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We’re still finalizing all the amazing details, but here’s what we can share right now:

 Registration & Breakfast: 8-9AM

Welcome & Opening Keynote – 9-10AM

Tribal Marketing: Strategic Evolution       

Presenter: David Greendeer, Markeing Director of the Ho – Chunk Nation Gaming and Non – Gaming Enterprises


Breakout Session #1 – 10AM-10:45AM

Option A: TBA

Option B: TBA


Breakout Session #2 – 11AM-12PM

Option A: TBA

Option B: TBA


Lunch & Keynote – 12-1PM

The Obligation to Entertain – How to Differentiate a Brand through Storytelling and Resonance

Presenter: Suz Harms, Chief Marketing Officer, EatStreet


Breakout Session #3 – 1-1:45PM

Option A: Telling Stories to Be Heard

We live in a world of constant information, distraction and interruption. Everyone has something to say, and technology allows everyone a platform to say it. However, this democratization of voices does not promise that everyone talking will find a willing and eager audience. In order for your message to be heard in any industry, you must adopt storytelling – a buzzword to be sure, though one with unlimited potential to cut your message through the noise. 

Join this session to learn more about the art of storytelling, how you and your organization can actually use it and how to be successful in using it.  

Presenters: Michael Neelsen, Co-founder, Lead Storyteller & Director at StoryFirst Media and Dave Neelsen, Co-founder, Brand Storyteller & Producer at StoryFirst Media

Option B: The Power of Traditional Mediums in a Digital Age

Traditional mediums are not antiqued; they are indispensable channels that must be included in your marketing mix. Learn which traditional mediums are considered most effective and how to leverage data insights to make them even more powerful.

Presenter: Jonathan Schmeider, VP Arena Communications 


Breakout Session #4 –1:45-2:30PM

Option A: Influencer Panel 

How and why to work with Influencers is constantly changing. Hear from some of the the Midwest’s best and brightest as they dive into what it takes to successfully work with Influencers in 2018. Panel participants include:

Josh Haroldson 

Josh Haroldson has a knack for documenting his adventures close to home with great images and genuine stories. Over the last 10 years that’s lead to becoming an Instagram Suggested User and the opportunity to partner with brands like Food + Wine, Lands’ End, Sun Country Airlines, and The Grand Ole Opry on a diverse range of social media projects. Today, Josh and his wife Stasia are also in the process of launching Haroldson House, where they are documenting the process of making Stasia’s childhood home their own. You can see examples of Josh’s brand work here.

Alice Choi 

Drew Westphal

Drew Westphal is a style blogger and creative consultant based in Milwaukee, WI. He is also the founder of Everyday Drew, a multi-faceted blog which aims to curate quality and responsibly made products. Drew started his blog to be an inspiration for menswear in the Midwest and be an ambassador for his hometown of Milwaukee, WI.

Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald started her blog, Wisconsin Mommy, in 2007 after leaving her career in education as both a teacher and teacher trainer. Over a decade later, Maureen continues to be a trailblazer in the blogging and online influencer industry. Maureen began her career as a digital influencer long before the blogging boom. She not only knows influencer-brand relationship best practices, she had a hand in establishing them as a member of brand-driven groups including Maytag Moms, the HP Moms Panel, Disney Social Media Moms, and as one of five BP Invigorate Insiders. Drawing upon her experience of moving from teacher to trainer, Maureen also consults with brands on building campaign strategies and offers blogger coaching to new influencers and business owners looking to grow their platforms. She writes the way she lives: authentically! Her stories and point of view have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Metroparent Magazine, on Mom Talk Radio, and as a regular contributor at FOX6 WITI.

Option B: Creating & Distributing Social Content With BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. We strive to connect deeply with our audience, and give them news and entertainment worth sharing with their friends, family, and the people who matter in their lives. Explore how you can partner with BuzzFeed by tapping into our content insights and social audiences to achieve your brand’s goals.

Presenter: Alex Bauguess, Senior Brand Development Strategist at BuzzFeed


Afternoon Snack Break & Venue Tour – 2:30-3PM


Closing Keynote – 3-4PM


Networking Reception – 4-5PM



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