Keynote Speaker: Jim Lukaszewski

Jim LukaszewskiThe 2014 Midwest District Conference is pleased to have James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, as a keynote speaker.

Jim Lukaszewski (loo‑ka‑SHEV‑skee) advises senior operating executives in situations where the organization’s reputation and public trust are at stake. He also works with all staff functions: security, law, corporate communications, human resources, strategic planning and finance.

He is the author of 12 books, and hundreds of articles, all in fields related to crisis management, crisis communications and Leadership recovery. The situations he helps resolve always involve contention, conflict, controversy, confrontation, community action, or anti-corporate or organizational activist opposition.  Almost half of his practice involves civil and criminal litigation.

For nearly the last 40 years, his writings, teachings, books, articles, webinars and presentations have informed and enriched our professional practice.

His newest book, Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication, What Your CEO Needs to Know about Reputation Risk and Crisis Management was released earlier this year. It has been selected as one of the 30 best new business books of 2013.

Keynote speech

Mr. Lukaszewski will present “Gaining Influence, How to Have a More Important, Powerful, Influential and Fulfilling Career.”

He will also host an APR skills session.


A prolific author, lecturer, trainer, counselor, and public speaker, Lukaszewski is also an expert in managing and reducing contention, counteracting tough, touchy, sensitive corporate communications issues. His broad-based experience ranges from media-initiated investigations to product recalls and plant closings, to criminal litigation to takeovers.

He has personally counseled, coached, and guided hundreds of  top executives in organizations large and small from many cultures representing government; the military and defense industry; the agriculture, banking, computer, financial, food processing, health care, insurance, paper, real estate development, and telecommunications industries; cooperatives; trade and professional associations; and non-profit agencies.

He is a coach to many CEOs. Jim helps prepare spokespersons for crucial public appearances, local and network news interviews including 20-20, 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC and Nightline, and for financial analyst meetings, and legislative and congressional testimony. He also provides personal coaching for executives in trouble, or facing career-defining problems and succession issues. Google James E Lukaszewski and you’ll get more than 40,000 entries.